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    Start Up FundingSo you have this great idea for a new product, but like everything else, it will require money. Money that you don’t have. But wait! Don’t scrap the idea; rather let us help you get the funding you need. Every day, people all across America are able to get started on projects, new investments, businesses, etc. thanks to knowing how to get Start Up Funding. If you are in need of startup funding, there are a variety options available.

    Start Up Funding:

    Today’s entrepreneur often has to be a bit creative, as the financial crash of 2008 has made banks a bit leery of small business loans. So, quite often, people will find themselves needing to take money out of their savings account and then using their credit card to pay for any startup costs. This is a viable option, if one has enough money in savings and a long enough line of credit on their cards. But do keep in mind, that the interest rates on said cards can get high—so pay attention!

    Other times, people are able to borrow money from friends and families. This too, can be a great source of securing startup funding –and for many people it has worked amazingly well! Just be sure to have a clear plan and contract to help keep feelings and perspectives intact. You don’t want to set yourself up for too many people thinking they know best about how to design the product or run the business!

    The pros at The Funding Help understand what it takes to get started as a business owner and want to see you succeed. We have a plethora of resources available, understand the grant writing process and will be here to help you each step of the way. So, before you set out to turn your dream into a reality, talk to us.